Coffee Cherry is turning a byproduct into a resource.

46 Billion Pounds

The global Coffee industry generates 46B lbs. of coffee cherry byproduct every year.

16.6 Million Metric Tons

The waste emits greenhouse gases = 16.6M MT of CO2e.


It ends up in fields and waterways, where it decomposes, releasing harmful mycotoxins that seep into the soil and water.

Empowering Sustainable Change:

Reduced greenhouse gas

The less fruit decaying in fields, the less greenhouse gases emitted.

New source of revenue

Coffee farmers supplying The Coffee Cherry Co. are paid for the fruit versus the weight of the harvested fruit.

New jobs

New jobs are created at coffee processing mills. And, more of those jobs are now available to women.

Superfood nutrition

Capturing a new source of exceptionally high fiber, antioxidants and micronutrients.

One truckload purchase contains:

40,000 lbs of Coffee Cherry

The impact of this is clear:

280,702 lbs less byproduct
polluting fields & streams

101,053 KG less CO2 emmissions

$1,200 in new revenue to farmers

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